Velcro Belt for our disabled loved ones


Do the Velcro belts actually hold?

Yes, Stravida Velcro belts hold your pants up like regular belts. Stravida Velcro belts will last even longer since the velcro fasteners keep the normal wear and tear from occurring on your belt.

How many sizes does the Stravida Velcro belt go up and down?

You order Stravida velcro belts in the same size as a normal belt. If you gain or lose a few pounds you won't have to dig or stretch for additional holes. All you have to do is simply move the velcro fasteners over a little and you are back to the new fit.

What are the Velcro belts made out of?

Stravida Velcro belts are made of leather and double stitched so the durability will last for years

How long will the Velcro belts last?

With our testing procedures we estimated the Velcro belts would last 7-8 years depending on the daily usage.

Are you currently in stores now or just online?

That is a great question!! We are currently in the process of getting into retail locations worldwide. The usage of the Velcro belts has its advantages everywhere and we have people who face challenges of getting dressed every moment of everyday.

The Velcro belts are amazing.. Do they come in women's or kids belts?

That is a good question as our children’s Velcro line (Swiftbelts) will be launched in November 2014 and we are also in the process of designing a women’s line for 2015. You can visit beginning November 2014 for the children's Velcro line and you can check back with us in 2015 for the women's Velcro line.



Name: David

I can’t believe your Stravida Velcro belts hold just like a normal belt. My father shows everyone around office the belt we bought him last year… Very Impressed

Name:  Michael

This product is unbelievable! Not only did my father appreciate the belt but it really did help him due to his stroke last year.. I also ordered another for me just so I could check it out and I also liked the belt. Thanks again!

Name:   Alex

I bought your product during a health fair a last year and can't believe the difference such an easy idea has made in my life.

Name:   Kenny
The Stravida Velcro belts have given a new way that I would have never imagined how they would help my dad and grandfather. I am truely amazed and thankful for this product.

Name:   Renee

Being a Police Officer the belt never struck my mind to all the uses that could come from this. My father has Parkinson's and I bought the belt for him and the difference it has made in his life is something that I could not have ever imagined. The really cool thing is that nobody could tell that the belt was different!

Name:  Brian

Totally cool gift for my dad!!

Name:   Sherry

The belts were purchased a couple of weeks ago for my kids and husband. Now I have to buy more or just referral the ladies in my circle want some also... Do you need any salespeople as this is really awesome!

Name:   Ron

I just wanted to let you know that after having the belt for 2 months - I love it. Great, Great product. Thanks for creating it.
Name:  Magil

The Stravida Velcro belt is great. I had one and gave it to a vet with a hand injury and he really liked it. I intend to get two more next time. Good idea.

Name: LP

Great innovation and can’t believe someone came up with such a great idea!!