The Velcro Belt Solution

Stravida Velcro belts were invented by Patricia (a devoted daughter, wife, and mother) who wanted to help a large population who struggle with a very common problem.... In the end, she helped all the masses from every community.

Several years ago a doctor told Patricia how patients would often have a hard time getting their belts back on after a trip to the restroom or after an exam. Patricia never understood the frustration that people went through because it was a problem that she did not face herself. After asking family, friends, and other medical professionals, she found out that this was a very common problem and that many of her family and friends had loved ones who struggled with that same issue every day.

Patricia had no experience working with belts and had never invented anything before but she decided to find a solution to the problem. After months of ripping, cutting, and gluing, Stravida belts were created.

At first, people with arthritis, Parkinson’s and in Rehab facilities tested the belts and they were amazed how simple and helpful the belts were. Then people with other conditions that limited their dexterity were equally impressed and wanted to purchase the belts for themselves and others. Eventually, people who had no problems getting dressed at all used the belts because it was always that perfect fit, stayed looking new and functioned as any belt would.

Stravida Velcro belts, a utility-patented product that looks exactly like traditional belts. No one can tell you are wearing a velcro fastener belt and it will always be that perfect fit.

In the beginning, Patricia wanted to give hope, pride and independence to people wishing to find an easier way to get dressed. Today, Patricia can now say she is helping tens of thousands with a solution that many can use!